I485 timeline

So luckily get the message of acceptance of my I485 application just before the price increase. Hope everything can go smoothly so we can get it done before summer of 2017. On this post I will update my timeline for the I485 process. For my I140 EB1A, I use PP directly so I submit application on Nov 20, 2016 and get approved notice on Nov 30, 2016. Then I spent 1.5 weeks for I485 preparation and health check, I mailed my package on Dec. 12, 2016.

  1. 12/12/2016 Mail the package to Phoenix.
  2. 12/14/2016 In the afternoon the package is delivered to the mail box.
  3. 12/21/2016 The check is cashed.
  4. 12/22/2016 At noon I received the text message and email saying my application is accepted and transferred to NSC.
  5. 12/24/2016 Received the return of my AP application and it says that my form expired, this is a processing error from the USCIS since someone else actually uses the expired form and get accepted.
  6. 12/26/2016 Received the receipt of my EAD and I485 (official received date is Dec. 15, 2016).
  7. 12/28/2016 Mail my new package for AP application to use the new form.
  8. 01/11/2017 In the afternoon I received the text message indicates that my AP application is accepted and transferred to NSC. Now it is long time wait…
  9. 01/29/2017 USCIS mailed the finger print appointment notice. and I received it on 02/04/2017.
  10. 02/16/2017 Appointment to the finger print.
  11. 02/25/2017 USCIS notices my new EAD card is produced.
  12. 03/01/2017 USCIS indicates that my new EAD is mailed to me.
  13. 03/03/2017 Received the EAD card in mailbox. It uses the photo taken during FP process and has my finger print.
  14. 4/19/2017 Received text message about my AP mailed.
  15. 4/24/2017 Received my AP paper, two copy, the covered date is from 4/14/2017 – 4/18/2018
  16. 8/23/2017 Go to the USICS for a status check, the naming check just completed on 8/22/2017 so that do take a while. BTW, my NIW I485 has been approved, from 9/26/2016 to 9/8/2017. NIW cannot make fast so that is basically how long it takes.
  17. 10/20/2017 Submit a service request.
  18. 11/17/2017 Get reply for the service request, indicating that the file is in the queue for review.
  19. 11/20/2017 Status update as Card is being produced.
  20. 11/27/2017 Status update as Card was mailed to me.