SIGGRAPH 2015 Day 3

Sorry for the late post but I definitely will finish the 5-day season of this journey:)

In the morning I attended the studio course, which covers the GPU general computing discussion on Mobile phone. Personally I feel the presentation is not that clear for the technical detail, but definitely covers huge knowledge about what the GPGPU technology is like on the mobile device. Picture below illustrates the comparison of current different computing interfaces. I suppose if there is some heavy computation that do not need to be sent to the server to compute (like real-time tracking for the mobile system), utilizing the GPU for the task should be a good option.IMG_20150811_101317


The main entrance of the exhibition hall. Besides showing GTC talks, Nvidia have a booth to show off the GPU technology for game, movie production. Intel, on the right side, illustrates the graphics technology for the CPU. Ironically, these picture shows the current leader of the computer graphics.

Besides the academic mind mixing, another important platform is that the industrial companies show off of their “coming soon” technologies. Below are some high lights.

There are also multiple companies focusing on body skeleton tracking technology by using infrared camera array and reflective markers. The pipeline also handle motion retargeting. These companies provide the 3rd-party solution for movie or game studios.
EPSON demonstrates the argument reality eyeware. The AR scene is displayed on a small section of the eye glass. You need to connect the glass with a specific hardware (size like a phone) for touch-based navigation. I feel the system is still kind prototype, may targeting certain professional user but not for everyone. And yes, we have the Pixar booth at the back!!!!!
This France company shows a very smooth eye tracking demo here. In a limited distance, the system can track the eye gaze movement and use it to control the reading. It is very smooth and effective. Can definitely be used in hospital for the patients who cannot move.
A mobile plug-in style 3D scanning system. very efficiently create still 3D model of any object.
IMG_20150811_111353 Qualcomm shows a lot of advanced computer vision technologies this year. Here is a cloud-based object recognition services for mobile devices. It will come with their new CPU so it may need to take a while.
IMG_20150811_124822 IMG_20150811_125109 USense is a startup targeting VR/AR experience. Applause for the Chinese start up in US! They purpose two systems. One for mobile, which have two camera inside the headset to help recognize the hand gesture. The wire version have two camera to sense the 3D world and a leapmotion sensor for hand gesture, I think.
I meet Evan in SIGGRAPH! So surprise that I meet the guy who we emailed each other before about the DI4D system. Their data quality is good and the new head mounted capture system is remote and light weighted. So great to meet him.


Advanced VR Develop Experience Sharing

In the afternoon I attend the talk about VR application and experience. SONY discuss their learning from the new head set. To guide the user in a fully 3D environment, using 3D sound to drag the attention is very important since it is super easy to lose the focus of the story in 3D video. BTW, to enhance the VR experience, hand gesture, especially the grasp motion need to be efficiently detected.

Another one is to use the VR for realistic journal report. To create a new media to bring the audience to the scene of the crime or war zone to experience negative emotions. For the effects please refer to the Buzzfeed video below. Last is a start-up about a droid which can take 360 degree videos.

IMG_20150811_142248 IMG_20150811_145159 IMG_20150811_150408

A secret everyone knows

I feel that I am lucky because I catch this chance. So every SIGGRAPH, pixar will send 1,500 renderman teapot (the shape of the famous Utah teapot) for anyone. Three days, each day 500. The wait list is crazy and normally the teapots will be gone in less than 15 minutes. Each teapot comes with a metal box and a unique ID for it. OMG, it really will be one of the thing that encourage me to go back here next year!

So if you want one, remember to check out with Pixar guys once the exhibition opens about the time. Oh, pixar also like to host renderman party during siggraph. This need invitation and also will be super easy to fill. So also ask the employee about how to register.