What you need to do basically to write a academic paper

I think this would be a little useful experience to share about how to write a paper in computer science. This may not be a unique way, but I generally like to see paper written in this style.

Below is a general email I sent after revision of some work. I think it also gives some ideas about some basic gradient on a basic academic paper writing.

Generally, in the abstract and intro, and the conclusion, you should have a short sentences to summarize how to achieve the goal. Put them as “a method” is too abstract. In the introduction, also need to clearly shows the contribution of the work in bullet list. And as always, give the paper structure like what the second section will say, what section 3 will say… at the end of the introduction.

I think, three things I learned when I write the paper is:

1. Break the long sentence, complex sentence structure makes riddles, not publishable papers.
2. Think writing paper as tell a high school students about how you do the things, rather than talk to ourselves. We may unintentionally omit several clues and details about the work, which may make the paper hard to understand by a stranger.
3. Reviewed paper are normally double blind, which means you should not give any obvious clue on who is the author. In your original work, you may figure out where you leave the trace 🙂 I have updated it.

You can update based on the revision and comments in the current version, and I may try to update the algorithm part.

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