RISE: book review

It starts with being clear about who you really are and then spending more and more of your time being that person and taking that person to work every day. Look for where your energy multiplies and go there. Avoid what drains it. (p56)

How to communicate?

Think of any communication as an opportunity to perform… I mean a performance that is compelling because you really care about it and you invest in how you present, not just what you present, because it matters to you personally to have an impact. (p164)

Own the outcome of the communication.

Think about what you try to get from the communication?

  • How will you motivate, interest, or excite them?
  • How will they be entertained- or bored?
  • What is the difference that you want this communication to make?
  • How will people’s point of view be altered if you succeed?
  • What will they do differently?
  • What will they remember about the topic – and about you?

How to make your presentation?

Own the outcome of the communication, not just the communication. We should always look into performing, not presenting.

  • Plan and practice your opening line.
  • Don’t bury the lead in your presentation.
  • If you have slides, rehearse an opening line and a closing line for each.
  • Be prepared for questions in the middle.
  • Give your audience very clear choice and make it really easy for them to do what you need them to do.
  • Be memorable. Find funny story or a personal relatable connection with your audience
  • Present actionable information. Ask questions like ‘What decisions will you be making based on this data?’ or ‘What action do you need this data to inform?’

If you want to own and drive meaningful business outcomes, not just talk about them, you need to actively sell your ideas.

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