Make your Python experience the same as you work with Visual Studio!

So suppose you are a windows programmer and get used to the way Visual Studio arranges and debug code for you, when you get into Python, to set up a new IDE and debugging environment with pdb.set_trace() is really, how to say, a new experience that you may not work efficiently with. Today I found a plug-in for Visual Studio (multiple versions) that make python programming and debugging like you work with C++ in VS. Same debugging and even with Python interaction window! I have to say I love it so much.

So suppose you already have VS installed. Just go to HERE and look at the top right corner for the plug-in link. For VS 2013 and later please go to V2.2. During install, it asks about the Python library location, assign your already installed one to it. Then you can program Python with Visual Studio. You can even new a Python project with your previous python code. The tool will create two files in the same directory as your Python code, one pyproj file and one sln file. You can also follow the video below for more feature about the tool.

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