2020 to 2021

2020 is passing by. I generally feel there is not too much great happen this year. Most are similar like my PhD years: endless work and no social and personal conversation. Glad my parents stay with me and we do have a great time together.

Looks back the year, I think it is most about Covid-19 and US president election. When I wrote this, I still do not know where the virus is from and who will get into the white house. But I learned about one truth is that people really do not care about what you have said. It is just history, and it can be forgotten. Or we can rephrase it in a different way. The line defining truth is not clear anymore.

So is there a truth? I choose to believe so. That is what I chosen in 2013 in Binghamton. Jesus makes life simple. And it makes me to be easy to be happier. In the end of the year, I am so blessed to say something from my deep heart to my past about what I believe, and get a positive feedback from her about her belief on my birthday. I also heard from a friend that she started to go to church in Taiwan, to put herself in front to the lord. I just indeed feel happy, to see someone I am really care about, although I did not express the care enough when I have the opportunity, to have a chance to hear the gospel. I am not sound like a crazy people to them after all.

This year, I think at the end, I have learned that I should do the good thing because I have a good heart, not because I want the rewards. Let God do the job and make the right one I feel comfortable with shows up (please also be quick).

I think I like to work from home, I like jumping rope and doing some weight lifting just by getting out of my room. I also like to see I get one brick on the EB wall with a lot of words written on it ( May be the most wordy one). I did some meaningful things this year.

I also played piano on one of my friends funeral. Yes, I think I see marriage, and I also see death. And I know I cannot explain them well yet. What I learned is that we should, at the right time, say the words we want to say, and say it clear like the end of day is tomorrow. Tell others how much we love them like we won’t see each other until we face Jesus. Try to tell everyone that you hope to meet them when you can, and hope to be with them forever, if possible, when we left this world, no matter how sudden it is. Make them hear the gospel.

For 2021, I hope:

I can keep a good habit to write useful blogs here again at least every month.

I can finish some religion books so I can have my own understand of belief so I can talk to my friends with a completed logic circle, maybe create some slides so I can preach in my way.

I hope I can continuously work on my github so do some good project. This need to be frequently. Small progress everyday would make a lot difference.

I hope I can finish my Game Engine Architecture book.

I hope I can wire a ray tracer in Taichi.

I hope I can get a good sense of AWS usage.

I hope I can find the one who will be with me on the road to God and please make sure I feel it is the right one.

Focus more on myself, run myself good, and enjoy what God plans ahead.

See you tomorrow, 2021.