We are what we choose to be

Today is May 6, 2017. I am working half a day on the project so later the app can make change irrelevant to the data set. From experiment to implementation, and error searching and debugging, days like today run though my mind, and this kind of feeling is what I endurance for the past 2 years.

It is always about focusing on one problem and cannot do anything else besides it. This can be applied to any other domain, such as job hunting, paper writing. I think this is what my advantages: Focus. But it is also my weakness if this happens very often in my daily life. This is bad if it is 24/7 since I will be very skill at doing one thing, but lose the big picture of the work, even life.

Even PhD study, as I think, is not only about concentration in my tiny region. It needs a deep understanding of one domain, and at the mean time to explore other domains for new idea.

That is why I feel my start-up life is not good for me. It has majorly been a journey about learning new things, which is not very applicable to a general knowledge. This is especially obvious when I prepare for CV/CG related job hunting. I think my start-up job do give me a very advanced vision on the topic and that is really what I appreciate. However, life and work balance is also critical in the long run. Besides, in my specific domain, I work alone for the 2 years, I do need communication to break for new idea and better solution. Learning alone is not a good habit.

The past two months really show the true face of living in real world rather than the irony tower. Making plan and do multiple things in pieces of time is what I try to do in the future.

I am a little regretful for that I am not brave enough to choose the way to do face. I hope I can have chance to do it but I do feel I should start with a more general topic. Face could be my side project especially when I get so many resources on the possible way to do it. But the job is the highest priority, after so many years, I think I come back to where I begin, and this time I hope I can polish my skill and create something elegant and useful.