SIGGRAPH 2015 Day 4

Hey, here we continue with the journey of SIGGRAPH 2015. On the morning, Umur and I redo our presentation again so we can have a video recording of the presentation. As you can see, although the presentation does not require a computer, all the SRC participants carried one to demo their work. So this is a good hint for you: BRING YOUR DEMO LAPTOP, even they say they won’t have enough power cord.

Umur with the poster Todd with the poster.




After that, the major topic I went on this day is the AR/VR. Several company shares a little information about their experience with VR/AR and mobile rendering architecture.  Feels like everyone try to make the rules for the VR/AR rendering for the mobile system. This is important and I will discuss it later.

Samsung London discuss their works.

We also have a chance to listen to the final presentation for the student research competition (SRC) at this SIGGRAPH. Actually not too much people join but to talk about work at the big hall definitely promote yourself well. The judges comes form Disney research, Facebook, Oculus. Treat it as an interview for the company. That is one thing I feel about the SIGGRAPH event, it gives you a extraordinary way to illustrate what you can do and what you are good at to the top company without going through the coding questions. In my idea, if you are good at creating some real nice graphics and vision related product, spending time on this things and maintaining a good website is better than implementing a stack with two queues in C++…

The App Hour at the exhibition hall involves dozen of start-up companies, they all demonstrate the product related to AR/VR. As we can see below, we have cube based game which tries to do table battle with different armory. We have app which can show video of famous tourist sight when you turn your camera towards the picture or the statue. The FX lead from Dreamworks Animation shows his VR shooting game, which is very successful since he also made the presentation in the big hall. I definitely think it is a good way to promote your product (Hope one day I can do it.)

IMG_20150812_180522 IMG_20150812_180750 IMG_20150812_181311 IMG_20150812_181326








There is also some company doing nice work on face tracking on mobile device. They can change your face with zombie or vampire makeup easily, even your contact lenses can be added! Hope I have time to look into more of related technology.

At night, we plan to go somewhere else beside the conventional center. The SIGGRAPH after party sounds nice, so Umur and I walked to that hotel. On the way we saw a long queue waiting. Isn’t it similar to the queue when people wait for the Renderman Teapot? Yes, no wonder it is for Pixar… So another tradition Pixar has is to host a exhibition during SIGGRAPH (for Free) to show how other companies or artist use renderman to do amazing things. This event need advanced tickets so next time, visit Pixar booth ASAP.


SO Khronos group, who maintains the OpenGL standards, as I mentioned at the begining, notice the rendering power of all different platforms (PC, console, mobile device, etc.) And a more general programmable model should be define and implemented to provide thinner layer between developer and the graphics hardware (GPU). This is one reason they invent Vulkan. Several large graphics companies have developed the product for a while and shows how amazingly and efficiently they can render on different platform with same API. Please google for more information on Vulkan.

IMG_20150812_193914 IMG_20150812_194623 IMG_20150812_195056